How can I submit a form that needs to be signed by my academic advisor? 

  • You can email the form directly to us at The advisors can electronically sign and submit all forms including:

Excess Unit Petition for Academic Year Submit Online
Request for your maximum unit cap to be increased. (Note: Do not submit until you have a UCI GPA.)
Please note that Excess unit requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis after the 18 unit limit has been lifted.
This will be when WebReg reopens after the fee deadline. 

Course Authorization Submit Online:
Prerequisite satisfied by community college course work, test scores, etc.

How to get involved in research

International Student Forms 
​(please refer to the international center regarding the appropriate form you should be completing)

Proposal for Individual Study Fill, Print, Sign, Email
Request to enroll into a 199 course.

Prerequisite Substitution Form, Fill, Print, Sign, Email
Request to enroll in a course using an alternative to the prerequisites listed in the catalog. 

Pathways to Success 

Part-Time Study/ Withdrawal Request​
​​(email your academic counselor for this request)  

Request Course Review Submit Online
Use course to complete major or GE requirement.

Request for Degree Audit Update Submit Online
Update completed degree requirements on Degree Works.

Request Final Degree Audit (SENIORS ONLY) Submit Online
Submit within 1 year of anticipated graduation date.

Variation to Degree Requirement Fill, Print, Sign, Email
Request a variation to the departmental, engineering, or UCI requirements for your major.

Requests for Current Students and Readmitted Students 
Submitting documents for the following: 
- units for test scores
- units for coursework taken outside of UCI
- satisfying American History & Institutions
- satisfying ELWR
-submitting IGETC 
Request for updates if documents previously submitted.

Petition for Post-Quarter ADD/DROP/CHANGE must be obtained in REC 305. Submit the form to make changes for classes after the quarter is finished
Undergraduate Petition for Reduced Fee Part-Time Study Program must be obtained in REC 305 if petitioning to enroll in less than 12 units in a quarter
Withdrawal Form can be obtained in REC 305 if planning to withdraw from current and/or next quarter.