Course Load Limits

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I take a course at a community college?

Yes. Students in The School of Engineering are able to fulfill course requirements at a community college EXCEPT for lower and upper division writing. In order to verify course equivalency from a community college, refer to the ASSIST website In order to be guaranteed degree and subject credit students must fill out an Advance Contract and have that contract approved before the course is taken.

Can I take less than 12 units a quarter?

Students that wish to take fewer than 12 units must apply for Part-Time Study which is approved only under specific university guidelines. Students that are not approved for part-time study will be placed on probation if they complete fewer than 12 units. Housing and financial aid may also be impacted and students should consult with those offices. Students that are having trouble enrolling in 12 units should consult with their academic advisor for suggestions. A number of workload credit options are available for students to meet their unit minimums.

Can I take more than 20 units a quarter?

Students wishing to enroll in more than 20 units must have at least a 3.0 grade point average and complete an online request to Exceed 20 Units.

How do I make sure that units transfer from another school?

There are two steps to ensure units transfer:

  1. Before taking the course, get approval for course credit either with an Advance Contract for community college courses, or a Course Substitution petition for courses from other UC campuses and schools not listed on
  2. After completing the course, submit an official, final transcript to the Office of Admissions.
I can't add a class in WebReg. What can I do?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to enroll:

  1. You do not meet the published prerequistes, or WebReg is unable to recognize that you do meet the prerequisites (common if the prerequisite was taken at another college).
  2. You do not satisfy one of the restrictions placed on the course. Major and school restrictions are common as are 'NOR' (New-Only Reserved), seats reserved for first time students. Check the comments in WebSOC for details.
  3. The course is full or it conflicts with another course you are already enrolled in. Look for an alternate time or add yourself to the waitlist. You may also be trying to exceed your approved number of units.

In all cases, you can contact the department or school that offers the course for assistance. For engineering courses, students having problems with a prerequisite or restriction may fill out an online request for Course Authorization.

Freshmen often have trouble enrolling in physics, which requires enrolling in the math corequisite first, then the physics lab, then the physics lecure. Check the comments for details.

Where do I go to petition a class?

Some petitions are submitted online by signing into 'My Account' or can be downloaded and printed. All paper petitions are available at the Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs office.

Why should I fill out an Individual Study Proposal form?

Students need to submit (to the Student Affairs Office) a signed Individual Study Proposal form for all 198 and 199 courses in order to obtain course credit. This form provides a brief description of the work and serves as documentaion for ABET. In order to obtain design credit toward the degree, a copy of the final written paper needs to be submitted to the instructor as well as the Student Affairs Office.